CTR Textiles is the UK's largest charity shop collector in the country, offering tailor made recycling services to charitable partners looking for a trusted, full cycle, disposal programme for the broad variety of items that come their way, everything from textiles, books, Bric-a-Brac and toys right through to hangers, cardboard and plastics (which help reduce your bin costs).

​Each week we collect, sort and process over a 1000 tonnes of varied products. In fact, almost anything that comes your way we are able to process either for reuse or back to core components ready for remanufacturing -


offering a  trusted and sustainable ‘closed loop’ solution in line with current legislation and your corporate social responsibility, (including electrical testing in line with your legal responsibilities).

We offer our partners a first class service that is well heeled, based on trust and compliance (and of course competitive rebates) whilst protecting your charity name, your trustees, your staff and your supporters.

We are the only UK collector with a fully functional electrical testing unit which ensures your weee waste is in line with your legal responsibilities - protecting your staff, your charity, and your supporters.

Setting Standards

Pre-agreed, regular scheduled collections

Competitive rebates

Collection reports

BACs payment

Zero waste to landfill promise

Dedicated Account Manager

Branded collection vehicles with tracker systems which pin point vehicles whereabouts

Uniformed staff

Working partnership agreement

Provision of bags

Provision of tote boxes for bric-a-brac and books

Items we take

Clothing & Shoes

Handbags / belts



Electrical bric-a-brac

Hard & soft toys

Bedlinen & curtains

Fur coats

Duvets & pillows

DVD's / CD's/PC games

Small electrical items

Mobile phones

Ink & Toner cartridges

Flat screen TV's 


Plastic bag waste

Plastic coat hangers