CTR Restock provides businesses and charities the opportunity to utilise our well heeled logistics arm by outsourcing ethical stock disposal as well as stock management and movement.  

We work with both charities, retailers and manufacturers and have a variety of options to suit each individual stream. 


As businesses have woken up to the fact that they need to be more environmentally responsible, the options for retailers or manufacturers looking for ways to dispose of unwanted stock have, until now, been limited.


Clearly the idea of throwing away items doesn’t sit well with corporate social responsibility which is where CTR Restock can offer an alternative.

Our business is built on reuse and recycling, and importantly, our promise is that nothing goes to landfill!

Working with well known retailers and manufacturers, CTR Restock is able to offer a number of solutions for organisations looking to dispose of a variety of items; end of lines, stock returns, take back programmes, overruns or out of date products, to name a few.

By offering a number of solutions in the form of; secure destruction, export routes (through our contacts around the world) or donated to our charity partners for resale we are able to offer a real alternative to landfill and provide an ethical solution.

Each organisation has individual requirements which is why we encourage you to speak with us directly to identify the options available to meet your needs and start helping you achieve a greener disposal route.


We understand the challenges of keeping your charity high street shops fully stocked (in line with seasons), along with managing stock levels and storing it, which is where CTR Restock can help.


Our restock service can store out of season goods, help with stock rotation by recalling stock to shops when needed, and even supply stock.

We have well placed logistical hubs serviced by over 120 vans and a bespoke software system which will give you access to a plethora of information; each bag collected is barcoded telling us which store it originated in, weight and even the category of stock.

In addition, we work with well known retailers on the high street and online, looking to dispose of end of line or return stock, by offering them a disposal route which can be; secure destruction, export routes or donated to our charity partners for resale.

Speak to us today about how CTR Restock can help with your stock, logistics and supply, ensuring environmental compliance and benefiting everyone in the loop, with reduced waste costs, maximum CSR for retailers.

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