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As businesses have woken up to the fact that they need to be more environmentally responsible, the options for retailers or manufacturers looking for ways to dispose of unwanted stock have, until now, been limited.

Clearly the idea of disposal through incineration doesn’t sit well with corporate social responsibility which is where CTR Restock can offer an alternative, by unlocking markets around the globe or brokering charitable partner donations.


Time for a rethink.

Data shows we are in a period of accelerated online growth, with more than half of U.K. consumers now shopping online (and rising), which raises ongoing challenges for manufacturers and retailers in how to handle returns, seconds, end of lines and overruns in a sustainable, efficient way.

The challenge rises from a need to maximise financial return, whilst protecting the brand, coupled with minimising the environmental impact.





Problem solvers.

With our expertise and infrastructure, CTR Restock is able to divert surplus goods away from landfill or incineration and back into markets around the world: closing the loop on a more circular economy. 


With this new mindset, the headache of surplus can quickly be turned into a positive: we are able support companies committed to real change in reaching their environmental goals whilst realising potential value in their surplus stock.

Our role is to be a key enabler, standing shoulder to shoulder with like minded businesses who are committed to make a real difference by reducing their environmental footprint. 


Together we can deliver a solution that satisfies business agenda’s without a cost to the planet, where we can shape a future that is bright for generations to come.

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