pioneers in reuse and recycling



Firmly positioned within the circular economy, CTR Group are a for-profit organisation providing responsible, innovative sustainability solutions to both charity and private sectors.

We deliver practical, ethical and reliable channels, processes and logistics to enable the intelligent reuse, recycling, resale, redistribution or repurposing of every single item in our care


Specialising in the recycling and reuse of textiles, books, bric-a-brac, toys and much more.

Smart logistics to support your business needs: supply, store and move.

A trusted 'full cycle' waste management solution for all your redundant and surplus I.T. equipment (including mobile phones, printers, servers and portable devices).

A closed loop recycling solution for a variety of 'end of life' materials, shredding and granulating components ready for reuse and remanufacturing.


Delivering excellence in reuse & recycling

CTR Group has organically grown from an established textile recycler into a pioneering reuse frontrunner, able to deliver a broad variety of corporate waste management services and solutions unique to your organisation.


Each week we collect, sort and process over a 1000 tonnes of varied products. In fact, almost anything that comes your way we are able to process either for reuse or back to core components ready for remanufacturing - offering a  trusted and sustainable ‘closed loop’ solution in line with current legislation and your corporate social responsibility.

Spotlight on us.

240,000 sq.ft. central processing plant

3 Main sites: Uttoxeter, Northampton and Kent, with further supporting hubs around England & Wales


Over 240 member of staff.

135+ vans on the road.

Bespoke software system with minute by minute updates.

£28million turnover.

Processing over 1000 tonnes per week.

Complete Corporate Compliance.

Zero waste to landfill promise

ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited.

Waste carrier licence & AATF approved... and growing.

Spotlight on us.

"Being a market leader lends itself to innovation and forging the best working practices we can achieve. Not content with average, we seek out advancement and take a leading edge. In doing so our sights are set to be a good employer, trusted partner and environmental warrior".



We do what we promise and dispose of waste ethically, with zero waste to landfill (see our section on CSR for further information, or even better pick up the phone or come and visit CTR Group)



CTR Group is setting the industry standard in legal and environmental compliance.

Workplace health and safety, Complete Corporate Compliance and due diligence are at the forefront of all we do.



Trust us to meet your service needs. 

We run a robust collection system which tracks and monitors collections on an up to the minute basis. 


With our full audited paper trail we can provide closed loop certification to ensure end of life compliance.