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CTR Coronavirus update - Friday 22nd May 2020


Firstly from everyone at CTR we hope that both you, your family, and friends are staying safe and caring for each other. We have been made aware with regret that some of our friends and colleagues have suffered bereavements directly related to Coronavirus and we extend our deepest sympathies to everyone connected. It's clear that we must be realistic and understand that this virus has been, and will continue to be, a blight on our day to day living for some time to come. However difficult that may be for us, with over 250,000 confirmed cases and 36,000 fatalities, we must all do what we can to protect each other.


With this in mind, we feel that we should advise our staff, customers, and suppliers, of the current position in which CTR finds itself. The business is still in furlough, however, during this period we have been considering the measures which we will be looking to implement as and when we are able to return to work.


We are obviously very keen to be back up and running (whatever that may look like going forward) and will be ready and waiting to assist our charity partners once shops and distribution centres begin to open. More than ever we will need to work together; we would ask that as much notice as possible be given to us for any shops that may be opening in the coming weeks. Please bear in mind that a certain amount of logistical planning will be required in order to organise collections on an ad-hoc basis, as per the requirements of our charity partners. Furthermore we will be bringing in, for the short term, a minimum 50 bag collection policy. (Bric-A-Brac will require additional restrictions once we return and are operational).


Staff will need to adjust to new social distancing procedures which will need to be implemented around the facility to ensure we are able to protect ourselves and each other.


Should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact CTR through the email address info@ctrgroup.co.uk or contact your Account 

Manager directly. Please note with the office and the facility closed it may take a few days until you receive any response. 


Most importantly, stay safe and we look forward to working with you again in the near future however that might be.

Here at CTR Group, we provide bespoke recycling solutions, to both small and large commercial clients looking for a trusted, full-circle recycling and waste management service. We handle a broad variety of materials from; textiles, electronics, printer consumables, cardboard, IT equipment and media (including CDs and DVDs) right through to taking plastics, such as coat hangers and granulating back to core components for reuse. 


Delivering excellence in reuse & recycling

CTR Group has organically grown from an established textile recycler into a pioneering reuse frontrunner, able to deliver a broad variety of corporate waste management services and solutions unique to your organisation.


Each week we collect, sort and process over a 1000 tonnes of varied products. In fact, almost anything that comes your way we are able to process either for reuse or back to core components ready for remanufacturing - offering a  trusted and sustainable ‘closed loop’ solution in line with current legislation and your corporate social responsibility.


Spotlight on us.

240,000 sq.ft. central processing plant

Supporting hubs around England & Wales


Over 240 member of staff.

120+ vans on the road.

Bespoke software system with minute by minute updates.

£28million turnover.

Processing over 1000 tonnes per week.

Complete Corporate Compliance.

Zero waste to landfill promise

ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited.

Waste carrier licence & AATF approved... and growing.

"Being a market leader lends itself to innovation and forging the best working practices we can achieve. Not content with average, we seek out advancement and take a leading edge. In doing so our sights are set to be a good employer, trusted partner and environmental warrior".



We do what we promise and dispose of waste ethically, with zero waste to landfill (see our section on CSR for further information, or even better pick up the phone or come and visit CTR Group)



CTR Group is setting the industry standard in legal and environmental compliance.

Workplace health and safety, Complete Corporate Compliance and due diligence are at the forefront of all we do.



Trust us to meet your service needs. 

We run a robust collection system which tracks and monitors collections on an up to the minute basis. 


With our full audited paper trail we can provide closed loop certification to ensure end of life compliance.


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